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Thursday, May 20, 2004

OpenOffice Support

Calling all OpenOffice/StarOffice users!

We are currently working on OpenOffice support for our products and we would like to give you an update on how we are going - and request your assistance if you are an OpenOffice user.

The current situation:

1. FX Chem, FX Equation and FX PhysEquate are NOT compatible with OpenOffice and will not be in the short term. These products utilise two aspects of Word that are not available under OpenOffice. FX Equation and FX PhysEquate will provide some support for OpenOffice when the next major versions are released.

2. FX Draw, FX Stat and FX ChemStruct ARE now supported but each has some issues. The issues do NOT preclude their use with OpenOffice but it may take us some time to track down the causes.

3. FX Graph 3 is fully compatible with OpenOffice.

4. We have written macros for OpenOffice and they are available for integration into the OpenOffice environment. We have NOT been able to automate the creation of toolbar buttons as we have with Word. It is possible to create you own toolbar buttons. We HAVE been able to automate the creation of menu items to make accessing our products easier. While this is perhaps not as "neat" as our Word solutions, it is acceptable. Automation of toolbar button creation may be available in later versions of OpenOffice.

Specific OpenOffice Issues

FX Draw, FX Stat and FX ChemStruct have individual issues with OpenOffice.

FX Draw - Graphic is inserted correctly but is always inserted at a 1cm by 1cm size regardless of the size of the FX Draw graphic. You can then resize the graphice inside OpenOffice. We have also noticed some issues with shaded areas appearing black on return to Open Office

FX Stat - Graphic is inserted correctly but FX Stat does NOT open. The graph just appears without ever seeing FX Stat. Once the graph has been created, it can be editted as normal.

FX ChemStruct - Demonstrates somewhat erratic behaviour with the graphic appearing on some occasions and not others.

Request for Help (OpenOffice)

If you utilize OpenOffice, we would love your help. We have placed the OpenOffice support files in the FX Graph 3 download. It would be most helpful if you downloaded FX Graph 3 and installed the support files - then provide us with a (very) short report on the success or failure of the process.

When installing FX Graph 3, select the OpenOffice integration option. On the final screen of the installation you will see a checkbox (pre-checked) that says:

View OpenOfficeMacros.sxc

Leave this box checked and press Finish.

OpenOffice will open and tell you that the file contains macros. YOU MUST LET THESE MACROS RUN.

Push the Install button - then close OpenOffice.

When you restart OpenOffice, you should see an Efofex menu item in between Tools and Windows. The Efofex menu will contain entries for all four supported products (not just FX Graph).

Tell us what you think.